General Info
Our Portuguese courses are designed especially for one or a group of students (maximum 7). The programs take into account your previous knowledge of both Portuguese and Spanish, as well as other Roman languages, since the learning process is different for people who do not master them. Your objectives for learning the language will also be considered, for example, oral fluency acquisition, a trip to Brazil, Portugal or African countries, writing improvement etc.

The methodology for basic levels is based on neurolinguistics and allows the students speak Portuguese since the first session. During the classes, oral practice is focused and complementary writing exercises to master the language are usually done at home, optimizing the learning process.

The classes are supported by the largely used book Falar... Ler... Escrever... Português and complementary Tupiniquim exclusive materials are offered to the students. For all levels, texts, audio and videos are used.

Falar... Ler... Escrever... - Livro Texto (orange cover)
Authors: Emma Lima, Samira Iunes
ISBN 978-85-125-4310-9

Falar... Ler... Escrever... - Livro de Exercícios (green cover)
Authors: Emma Lima, Samira Iunes
ISBN 978-85-125-4322-2