"I took 6 months courses with both Laís and Alan. The neurolinguistics method and good balance of work at class and homework paid off. After a half a year courses I went to Brazil, where I had a good understanding of the language and was able to hold good basic conversations. As teachers, they both are devoted, attentive and patient, paying attention to each student's individual level by giving regular feedback on homework and suggesting additional training. They are more than just good teachers, as their positive, open minded, cheerful spirit will definitely make them your friends. It is really a pleasure to know Laís and Alan!" [Diana, Amsterdam]

"Tupiniquim has the best language learning method and most committed teachers of any language school that I've enrolled in. Alan and Lais are also wonderful people to get to know. I studied with Alan for only six months of classes, and then I moved to Brazil. I was able to get around, have substantial conversations and make friends! "Fale Rápido" is one of the best exercises that Tupiniquim method does, but most language teachers never do. At once friendly and exacting, Alan is a motivating teacher. I have not taken classes with Lais, but I got to know her while living in Brazil. She is smart, outgoing and lots of fun. I think she is probably an awesome teacher as well, especially if she is using the Tupiniquim method!" [Kelly, Washington DC]

"If you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese fast and for a very friendly price, Tupiniquim is the right place. Lessons aren't all about grammar - the focus is on speaking the language. Classes are intensive and you quickly realize the results. With regards to schedule, Tupiniquim is very flexible. Classes before or after working hours, or even at your own place. Alan and Lais are two proud Brazilians who obviously enjoy teaching – even at 7.45 am!" [Neeltje, Amsterdam]

"I joined Alan's Tupiniquim in Washington DC in 2004, taking portuguese clases was a birthday present to myself. Alan is a great teacher, professional, dedicated to his students and really with a desire to transmit the Brazilian culture to others. The classes are also affordable, we had a method, book and audio material. I took Alan's classes for close to one year and at this point I can say I felt confident with my portuguese skills. If you want to embark in the adventure of learning another language but also have a great time while doing so I highly recommend Tupiniquim." [Claudia, Leipzig].